Friday, April 18, 2008

McCain Website Update

Well, my friends, I have either arrived in the blogosphere, or I have hit a new low... not sure which.

This post is about an older post of mine. I posted about the McCain's web page. (Click here to read the original post). Since that blog was published, two major developments have occurred... dun, dun, dun.

1.) While casually googling myself it was revealed that big things are happening. I was listed on a website that tracks notable blog postings about McCain. (Yep, not only am I blogging about blogging, but someone else is blogging about me blogging. And now I am blogging about someone blogging about my blogging.)

Now, there is a strong connection between that little tid-bit of information and this one:

2.) Cindy's recipes- not really hers. Are we shocked? No. Did I call her out on my blog? Yes. Days later did she remove "her recipes"? Yes. Did some intern lift them off the Food Network? Yes.

Now, I am a theorist... and this connection is obvious: Cindy must read my blog. I know what you are thinking "No, Mary, some intern reads your blog"... but no, why would an intern who plagiarized recipes turn herself in? Wouldn't.

Now that we have established that I have Cindy's attention...
{I am now actively choosing to use my knowledge (aka power) for good instead of evil.}

1.) Cindy: I know you are really Amy Pohler from Saturday Night Live. Here are the facts:

2.) Cindy/Amy: Now that I know, and now that you know that I know, you can come back here often for friendly tips and suggestions. Here, I will start it off right now:

3.) You seem to be the type who enjoys the spot-light. You must be getting jealous of all the attention John gets. So, I conducted a poll for YOU not him. The clear winner is Nice N Easy 106- Natural Medium Ash Blonde. Make it happen.


Mandy Lin said...

This might easily be the most ridiculous/ amazing post ever. Now, I don't think that Cindy reads your blog. I think you saved some intern a job. Way to go!!

As for Cindy (you might be reading this), Mary is right about the hair color.

Mary said...

Mandy- sorry, but as a follow up, the intern was indeed CAUGHT. It is true. They said she was being "delt with". Perhaps her $0 salary was taken away? Not sure, but the recipe thing is true.

Thus, I didn't save any job... I caused the intern to lose hers. (And proves my point even more, Cindy reads my blog.)

Andrea said...

Today, more than ever, I count myself as lucky to know you. You are on your way up, my friend. First, you get an intern fired, then you become the stylist for the woman who hopes to become the next first lady. The sky's the limit for you.

momma-jo said...

Yep... that's my girl. I don't know where she gets it... honestly... Oh yeh, mental illness does run in the family.(paternal side, of coarse.)Remember Lars and the Real Girl??? Delusional!!!! I love you anyway, and you are halarious!!!!!!

Larren & Amberly said...

Holy shiz--i am laughing so hard! I miss are such a b.