Thursday, October 18, 2012

Not much to begin with...

I have never had much respect for Taylor Swift. I concede; she is a very talented song writer. And marketable. Every time a song is released I think to myself "I wish _____ [insert any other country singer name here] would have recorded this song." 

Girl is so marketable, that I have come to the point where all respect has been lost. She basically recorded RED as an advert for Target Stores. Not kidding. I am sure they will never admit this. The only sell-out who sold-out more was when Jewel recorded "Intuition" for a freaking woman razor company. Truth. 

10/22: UPDATE! I WAS beyond RIGHT--- she is marketing all sorts of Red things. 

Please see: This Link To Gross Marketing and Product Sell Outage

and there are various exclusive red items at target. gag. 

10/28: UPDATE (thanks Jess) She is also hawking her CD at Papa Johns