Thursday, November 20, 2008

Single-Blind Controlled Test

All of the sudden gas is down to under 2 bucks, some guy with the name "Hussein" is in charge, and Saturday Night Live is funny again. And due to a bizzaro turn of events in America we have new burdens. Some people burdened with the choice of what to do with their political career. Others are faced with grave markets and financial woes. Do I invest in this or that? Do I keep my job or look for something during the political shake up? Things have changed and decisions need to be made. I myself had to decide on a toughie today:

At the Seven-Eleven the Skor bar caught my eye... but right next to it was the Heath bar. Which to get? Whats the dif? I had no idea. I bought both so I can once and for all put this to rest.

A Single Blind Highly Controlled Field Experiment Study:

Skor v. Heath

Main Category: Crystalline Solid Disaccharide

Also Included In: Monoclinic Hemihedral Crystalline Structure Bases

Publish Date: 20 Nov 2008 - 4:00 PDT

Study Participant(s): Mary A. McMullen (known alias: McMary)
Participant demographic: 27, Caucasian, Non-Smoker, College educated, Mormon, and all around Bad-Ass.

Materials: 1 Heath Bar (made by Hershey's) and 1 Skor Bar (also made by Hershey's).

Abstract of Study Structure: I broke off a piece of the Skor and a hunk of the Heath... I put them in a cup, shook the cup and then closed my eyes. I took the first piece out with my right hand and ate some. Then I took the second piece out with my left hand; ate some of that one. I decided which I preferred. Since they have the same texture, I didn't know which was which. It was not until after I selected the winner did I open my eyes. Skor bar insides are much darker then Heaths. That is how I was able to tell which one was which after the conclusion.

Matrix & Results:

Values: "Hb"= Heath Bar; "Sk" = Skor

If the optimal sample size is Large, the sample estimator of the effect is normally distributed, and the critical value for rejecting the hypothesis that there is no effect is

As one might expect for the regression of one right-hand-side variable on the others, its least-squares solution is closely related to the solution Hb of the mode for Sk, since for a probability of size Hb that the null will be accepted.

Hb i2x ~ (Sk + 18)

---------- = 12589643.35

(-5 Hb )

Conclusion & Discussion: Heath Bar tasted better. If I had a choice, I would choose See's White Chocolate Coconut Cashew Brittle.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

For the Win, Martin Sexton!

Last night I ate a delicious apple. I will detail its sweet nectar, its succulent taste... though, since you didn't have a bite for yourself, I fear you may never fully understand:

First on stage was Ryan Montbleau with nothing more then an amp, a mic and his guitar. He put down his guitar and reduced the room to silence as he sang "How Many Times". The dust in the light of the stage lamp was the only thing moving. He captivated. Sure, he must be worthy to open for Martin Sexton, but I don't think anyone expected the genius lyrics that tumbled out. He should have his own show. (Wait, I just googled him. Turns out he has his own show. He even has people who open for him. And he still opens for Martin... of course.)

Then Martin. Oh, sweet sounds of Martin. Last night was his last show of this tour- he will have a smattering of stand alone shows through the holidays at places near his hometown, where he got his start and where he lives now- but the tour ended last night. He delighted us by saying,

"Here is how it will be tonight: You say it, I play it... I am done with the set list; I am just going to play. Whatever, my stuff, Freebird, Zeppelin, whatever you want... you say it, I play it."

We immediately started shouting out requests... one by one Martin filled the requests. The "crowd"(1) loved it. After each song ended there was another song shouted out and another song played. This went on time and time again. Finally Martin said:

"Really, if you say it I am going to play it. If that means I am here all night long, even if there are three damn people and me, I will be here". Who does that? About the time a typical concert would be wrapping up, I settled in and recognized this was something that would probably never happen again.

As the songs ran out, and the show drew to a close Martin said (speaking to his crew), "Well this has been the longest show ever by a how long? What? *pause* yeah". I don't know if anyone ever really answered him. It was just knowingly understood that it surpassed all others. That was right before the three encores.

Unselfishly trying to be respectful of our time…Martin began to wrap up by thanking us... then someone said to him “we have no where to go” so he gave us more! 

It has been said that Martin Sexton maybe the only artist who actually sounds better live then he does recorded with millions of dollars of re-mastery. John Mayer said that Martin Sexton is the best live performer he had ever seen. Billboard says he is the finest male singer/songwriter in recent memory. I say: The Martin Sexton concert was so epic that it could be the concerts all others are measured up to, but even I realize that the legendary night can not be the bar; it wouldn't be fair to all the other concerts. Marty- you're the apple of my eye.

(1) "Crowd" definition: Martin apparently signed with Atlantic Records back in the day but asked to be released of his contract with them because he cared about the music, not the money. This sucks for Atlantic, but means great things for the fans. Like tonight- I had more people at my Halloween party then at this concert. The venue only holds a couple hundred, and it wasn't even full. The annoying guy in the back row would say something in his normal speaking voice and Martin could hear him just fine.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I really like the Fall; particularly October. Here is why: It is after summer, so people have just had the time of their lives and are in general content. It also is far enough into the new school year (or fiscal year for those in real jobs) that everyone is feeling comfortable and in the groove of things. But, the holidays aren't upon us yet... the end of the semester/calendar year is far enough away that that junk it isn't on the mind... so there is the absence of the hustle and bustle of the busy season and the holidays. And the weather! Crisp air, crisp apples, crisp leaves. Perfect. 

I like it as much as I like the color red... and that is a lot. Here is a list of colors I like, and the order in which I like them:
1. Red
2. (intentionally left blank)
109. Black
110. Purple
209. All other colors- they all tie for two-hundred and ninth place.

The point is I like red that much more then all the others. Same with Fall.

Another thing about Fall is that I always have high expectations, and they are always met. This Fall being no exception. Oh, and one more thing... I happen to like creepy things. NOT creepy people, that would make me a creepy person, and I just said I don't like creepy people. I do like creepy things. They add excitement, intrigue. Fall is full of creepy things. 

I will now give the people what they want: a picture essay detailing my Fall highlights.

After a hunted house- but before the mountain coaster. Waited in line for an hour, and guess what? Totally worth it. 
(Dani, Jen, Dave, Me, Kim, Travis, Carolyn)

Turns out McMullen's are a big deal in Cumberland, MD. We own the whole town. 

We found the Headquarters of History! 
(Travis, Kim, Me, Dave)

Halloween Night @ my Spooky Soiree 
(Me, Jonathan)

Halloween Night @ the pre-party dinner party 
(Me, Katie, Steph)

Buggy on the road in Amish Country, PA

Maple Leaves @ Shady Maple 
(Spencer, Brian, Sarah, Jim, Me, Ashlee)

Bonnet wearing fools @ Kitchen Kettle
 (Me, Ashlee)