Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring- Missing Words

I hate spring; not the season itself; have something against the word "spring". It means a few things. Its obviously the season after Winter, before Summer. Which I love. So, then it is also a place where water flows naturally (typically after snow melt, during Springtime, thus the damn origin of that version of word). A spring is also a mechanical device that is usually a spiral that returns to it shape when released, or absorbs shock when pressed. You can also "spring" a leak, or people can "spring" out of something (jail or bed, whatever).

The problem here is we use this word for so many different things. It all started because this glorious beautiful season evokes growth, renewal, rains, warmer weather, flowers, lollipops, rainbows and sunshine. (If you aren't getting lollipops, you are doing it wrong).

And for that, I am excited.

[The picture feature isn't working right now. Imagine a lovely photo from last springtimes cherry blossom festival]

But it still troubles me that we can not figure out how to stop using this word. They all mean completely different things! Spring (the season) is the origin for all the other definitions of the word "spring" but come on, it's just crazy that we can't collectively be more creative here. And don't get me started on words that don't even exist. There are missing words in our language. At least people just started filling things in with the same word (spring). Some words just aren't.