Thursday, January 16, 2014

Best Picture?

This years Oscar Noms for Best Picture blog is going to be a big let down. If you came her looking for something interesting, move along. Which is appropriate, it is the same for the lot of films. Many I did not see. Those I did not see, I noted & are indicated in red

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SPOILER ALERT: I will type freely. Might spoil it. 

BEST PICTURE Nominations
  • Nebraska
    Did not see. Too boring. Even the colors are boring. 

   The Wolf of Wall Street
   Did not see. Forgot to include it in the first draft of this post. To which I say: F***!

So, what picture do I think got snubbed? 
Blue Jasmine. It did just as good of a job as the ones nominated. And it was interesting enough for me to even want to see it. Actually, it should win best picture. It was not only really well done, I am having a hard time thinking it had any flaws. 

And finally, not necessarily the "best" but the film I enjoyed watching the most in 2013 was by far "Before Midnight". 

I'd also like to thank the academy for not nominating Mud for anything. I hated it. 



Shannon Crowley said...
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Peter said...

As far as Capt. Phillips goes, you may not have seen it, but you certainly lived it. And Dan Nelson has the proof.