Friday, November 15, 2013

Mary McMullen's 2013 Gift Guide

It is the moment all you worldly readers have been waiting for. The housing market is in upswing, day traders seem to have a pep in their step, and I still have my bangs. It's a good year.

Behold my gift guide; it is all over the place, so you are going to have to determine who you know would like what. I am confidant someone you know wants one of these treasures. 

(Note: Was also too lazy to list in any sort of order) 

Merry Christmas!

Keep Warm. 

Wool Mittens Fleece Lined Nordic Snowflake Fair Isle Olive Green Copper and Beige
Handmade! crafted in Utah (and they know cold there) out of felted wool &; polar fleece. 
Wool Mittens, $35: Here
Her entire wool shop if you want to browse other styles or wares: Here

MADE IN THE USA! This wool Stormy Kromer cap has been around 100 years, people love it. 11 colors, all sizes.
Mens Cap, $40: Here
Womens Cap, $40: Here

Keep Memories.

Tiny picture magnets. This is a Do It Yourself project, which means it is fun and cheap and customizable! 

Keep Having Fun.

The SkyBall bounces up to 75 feet in the airSkyBall HyperCharged Ball

The Sky Ball is filled with compressed air & helium, making it bounce like no ones business. Under $10 a ball. Sky Ball in Various Colors: Here

I bought this remote helicopter for my nephew's birthday this year. I don't know if he liked it, but there are 1,940 reviews that are nearly 5 out of 5 stars on amazon, so likely someone you give it to will like it. 
Remote Control Mini Helicopter, $ 21: Here

Size 2XL - Railroad Play Mat T-Shirt : Playtime for Kids, Back Massage for Dad / Fathers Day Gift New Daddy Father Son Train Track Mat
Playtime for them, back "massage" for the wearer. It's labeled a dad shirt, but I am sure anyone could love this. 

Keep It Clean.
100% protection from messy cooks

Designed for the cook in the kitchen, this ipad/tablet sleeve can be useful all over the place- like the beach reading a book, or stowed away in luggage with toiletries, just in case a leek is sprung. 
Set of 25 disposable sleves: Here ($19.95)
Set of 3 disposable sleeves: Here ($5.95)
One reusable waterproof sleeve (not as sleek): Here ($38.05)

Keep Sweet.

I've been on a maple syrup kick. 
Love the packaging of this one. From NY, $12: Here
These people look nice, so does their syrup. From Maine, $7 up to $40 a jug: Here

For whatever edibles you decide to make, here is a collection of FREE printable lables. Designed and ready to use. 

Keep On Groovin'

wood earphones
Guys, think about it, instruments are made from wood for a reason. Deep, smooth sound. Perfect for serious audiophiles.

Keep Creating & Thinking 
Do you know a doodler? Do you ever walk by a blank wall and have the urge to become Lil' Mary & tag it? This book is filled with pages of blank walls, intended to let the owner mark them up. I could see how this would have been useful in any math class I have ever endured. 

The Humans of New York Blog is now a book. 

Some people I know are forgetful and lazy. They could use this notepad. Check check check. They also have a travel packing checklist. 

I like short stories, and I like spooky ones. Boom. 

Butter Keeper
I hate cold butter. But leaving it out in a humid climate doesn't work either. This little ceramic pot creates a water seal that keeps butter cool but spreadable. Genius. 

While on the topic of butter & delicious kitchen things... That is a grill press. You can cook better with it. 

Keep Pretty

Nordstrom Pavé Link Bracelet | Nordstrom
I've seen this beauty in real life, and I want it. So does your mom and your sister and your wife and your babysitter and the girl who you want to be your girlfriend. 

Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Trio - Fresh | Sephora
These little balms with a little color are the best. The best smelling, the best feeling, the best looking. You can gift the set, or break them up and give them individually. 

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