Monday, April 6, 2009

WTF, Matey?

If ever there was a moment to appropriately ask the "WTF" question, it is now. 

It is beyond me how we* can allow pirates to overrun international waters. How can a bunch of scoundrels be able to just take a ship over? It is just so ridiculous.

Ok, I get it. Pirates are not like days of old. This isn't a ride at Disneyland. But, I do know that if I had a big freaking ship in the middle of the seas, it would be hard to just to walk on board and take over. But, if for some reason it was taken over, I would expect at least one of the worlds superpowers to be able to figure a way to get it back. Its like we all are like "oh, they took your ship".   

*Here are the sanctioned current players: 

Royal Australian Navy
Canadian Forces Maritime Command (NATO)
People's Liberation Army Navy 
Royal Danish Navy (NATO)
French Navy (NATO)
German Navy (NATO)
Greek Navy (NATO)
Indian Navy 
Italian Navy (NATO)
Islamic Republic of Iran Navy 
Japan Maritime Defense Force 
Republic of Korea Navy
Royal Malaysian Navy
Royal Netherlands Navy (NATO)
Royal New Zealand Navy
Royal Saudi Navy
Russian Navy 
Republic of Singapore Navy
Spanish Navy (NATO)
Swedish Navy
Turkish Navy (NATO)
Royal Navy (NATO)
United States Navy (NATO)

The World Superpower Badass Armed Forces (nil) V. Dirty Somalian Pirates (for the win) WTF?

All of us versus a bunch of Somalians, who are apparently getting the financial support from get this, Canadian based cohorts. WTF? 

Furthermore it chaps my hide that these attacks continue. It's not like one crazy Somalian hijacked a ship. It keeps happening because they are succeeding. WTF? Seriously. And the boat isn't the victory. The loot really isn't either. They are getting paid millions of dollars in ransom. I mean, so much money that there are small port towns that have become overnight boomtowns with a large injection of overnight spending when these rouge pirates come into shore. WTF? 

So, what I am being told (or not being told- this is the dirty little secret that the UN and the Media is sweeping under the rug, because lets face it, not only is it embarrassing, but it is an outright threat to our safety)... so, what I understand here is that these dudes are parading around the open seas, taking what they want, killing people, demanding money and everyone EVERYONE involved is like "oh, here you go". 



Jessica Tingey said...

what about space junk?

Rachel said...

too little too late huh! I just read this yesterday and woke up to breaking news of American hostages. timely post. maybe you should be in charge.

Hayley's Comment said...

I have totally been contemplating this everytime it comes in the news. How do they just take over?! Do they not see them coming? Do they not do background checks of employees, etc. I'm totally with ya girl!

Stephanie said...

Your outrage is merited, matey. It's ridiculous, but it certainly takes a refreshing step away from the typical L.A. car chases you see on daytime news TV.