Monday, June 29, 2009


You wonder what I wonder about... so wonder no more:

The Post Office

Stephen Cobert brought this up the other day, and ever since he mentioned it, I can't stop thinking about it... you can have someone come to your house, pick up up a letter, trek it across the untied states and drop it off at someone elses house. Anywhere. This costs 44cents. That's right, they will come to you, pick up whatever from your house and deliver it in the middle of rural Wyoming. FOR FIFTY CENTS. This is crazy.


Ok, I talk about and think about this almost every time I eat an egg, or see one... THINK ABOUT WHAT AN EGG IS. (About to get graphic here) But, ok, seriously, the chicken drops an egg from its reproductive organs, just like I do every month, and then I am supposed to eat this unfertilized egg. I can't stomach it. At this point, I still eat eggs, but I don't know for how much longer... I already stopped eating mammals for obvious reasons. Eggs are next.

[Note: No picture was included for this section because they all were even offensive to me.]


I have an exciting announcement to make: PAPER IS RENEWABLE! That's right folks, trees grow back, and guess who plants the most trees? Paper companies. Guess what else about trees: They give off vital oxygen and reduce carbon- they also help moderate ground temperatures. Using paper only perpetuates good wholesome American things like life and jobs. YAY!

That's all for now.


Janey said...

so does that mean that the picture on my blog of the baby cracking out of the eggshell is grossing you out??

Michelle said...

Hmmmm. Deep insights. But how do you feel about door bells vs. knocking?

Tyler said...

You stopped "eating mammals for OBVIOUS REASONS" (emphasis added)? I can't come to terms with that. Or with the USPS.

layjent said...

I think this blog is too electronic and should go to paper form--you know to help the environment and all

Hayley's Comment said...

love it as usual. PS-the word that is not actually a word for the comment verification is "warnu" hhhmm...i wonder what it is trying to warn me from?

Anonymous said...

I wonder too.... everytime I fly to anywhere in the world, I wonder WHAT IN THE HELL AM I DOING SITTING IN THIS DAMN PLANE THAT WILL TAKE ME AND THE OTHER TENS OF THOUSANDS POUNDS OF THE AIRCRAFT UP 30,000 FEET OFF THE GROUND!!!!. It just doesn't make a bit of sense. I understand gravity...everytime I stand on the freak'n scale, I get it. I just don't get what possess me to get into an airplane every time I want to see you, or the white sand beaches of Hawaii.I wonder... the power of LOVE. Momma-jo