Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Boston: Freedom & Fun!

So, here is how it went down: I drove to Boston to celebrate America. A throwback to the old American Roadtrip, I hit the road with high hopes. They were not dashed.

I would say I was lucky, and there was no traffic... but that would be a lie. Here is the truth: I am a damn fine planner and thus, there was no traffic. I fled DC in the middle of the night, drove up to NYC and didn't hit any traffic, picked up the boys, ate at Jimbo's in Harlem, and continued on to Boston. The drive wasn't bad. Neither was breakfast.

On to Boston!

We listened Neil Diamond belt out "America", twice. We walked along the Freedom Trail. We lounged poolside. We threw tea into the Boston Harbor. We got chills as the Boston Pops performed 1812. We conquered the Frog Pond. We cheered at the Cheers Bar where everyone knew our name. We were delighted by a fly over. We marveled at the fireworks. We got our fill of crazy people watching. We (they) had a pun war. We enjoyed Boston.

Pictures for the people, by the people, of the people... And we all know how much I love a photo essay... but I don't have it in me today... so, here is a series of of short stories.

The Reason for The Season

Waiting for Neil.


Dancing to Neil.

More Neil.

After Neil.

Two if By Sea
Boston Water With Boats; Charles River

Boston Water With A Few Boats; Harbor

Boston Water With Out Boats; Lagoon in Commons

The Gang

Fire & Ice


Take a Ride With Me

On the road & off

Art That Touches You & That You Can Touch

Founding Fathers, Where They Are Today

One dead man (Washington) in a park in Boston.

Many dead men (Adams, Hancock, Revere, etc) in a park in Boston



Hayley's Comment said...

did you like fire and ice? I'm not a huge fan because of the stench that stays on your clothes. Love the pics!

Millicent said...

Fun trip!