Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Battle of the Washingtons

When President Obama took office people were abuzz with the idea that "DC is the new Hollywood". Stars were showing up, Michelle became a star, and the parades started. Now it is raining on our parade. Literally. Whoever said DC is the new Hollywood got it wrong; DC is the new Seattle.

It's time to arm you with the facts...

Seattle, Washington Annual Precipitation: 37.1 inches
Washington, DC Annual Precipitation: 39.35 inches

Now it is time to alarm you with further facts... those are averages. This year is not average.

Average May Rainfall: 3.8 in
Actual May Rainfall: 6.1 in

Average June Rainfall: 3.1
Actual June Rainfall (thus far): 4.7

And it's raining right now. And there are still two weeks of the month left.

And, one more thing: average yearly rainfall in San Diego, CA: 10.2 inches.


Julie Bradshaw said...

[sigh] San Diego. It's months like this that make me want to move home. Greenery is overrated.

Janey said...

Whoever said DC is the new Hollywood has never seen DC. No comparison--DC is far superior :) Yay for rain?? ;)

Millicent said...

I'm with Julie. Time to move HOME! CA, here I come!

Hayley's Comment said...

As a Seattle resident I would also like to state that today marks a momentous occasion. We broke the all time dry record for Seattle, 30 days and counting! I miss the rain. I need the rain. I am not the same without my rain. Give it back D.C. Give it back. Usually we get very little rainfall it is just a consistent mist which is why we are NOT the rainiest place!

Mer Swift said...

I was just commenting today that it's been freaking raining for 3 solid months!

Tyler said...

Where do you come up with these things?!