Wednesday, March 18, 2009

TV & Boise

DVR/TiVo has changed my life. You can fairly accurately gauge how my life is going based on the amount of TV shows I have stored in the DVR. There are two ends of the spectrum. If I am all caught up on my TV shows, if I know how Jack can save America and I know that Lil Rounds is the only hope for America... then life is good. Also, when I am behind on my TV shows it is an indicator that my life has gotten so busy that I can't bother with it all. However, if you know me, you know this is also a good thing. If there are many or no TV shows ready for the watching, then life is good. The middle ground is the rocky area. 
Last week a bunch of us Kappa Deltas met in Boise for one hell of a weekend:

Clearly, I had the time of my life. 

And to prove we did other stuff besides just party... 

See, here we are in front of some liberty-bell-esq thing. I am sure it is significant and has something to do with Boise history. But we were on our way to brunch after staying out all night long, so I really don't know :P


Before Boise (a week ago) I was all caught up with my TV shows. I returned and before I knew it, I had 6 hours to waste. And I did. Life is good. 

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Hayley's Comment said...

TiVo has my heart and I have his. I tend to think of it as male.