Monday, April 13, 2009

Duck Beach Round Two: Go, then you will know.

[First of all, about the pirates... to the world all I have to say is: I told you so... (see post below, penned a couple days before the fiasco). And, a thank you to the apparent readership of my blog by some Americans in charge who didn't take any crap from the pirates this go round.]

Now, moving on, speaking of oceans filled with dirty men- Duck Beach. Last year, I had quite a lot to say--  click here for the low down   -- this year I will simply say this: You should go, then you will know. I have spent a year defending my comments to people who have not been. So I offer a suggestion, no...  a plea: go to duck beach. Find out what it is like. Be among those people. Come back and tell me about it. 

I will be here:

Staying here:

Visiting here:

Hanging out with: 


Maggie and Brandon Woodland said...

You're going to Ireland?!?! I'm just guessing that's what these pics are of...I hope you get a piggy-back ride when you're there!

Hayley's Comment said...

Oh Ireland is in my heart forever! Call me if you want some tips. I'm hoping you will rent a car, because it was so scary and FUN! You will fall in love with it! The people...oh the people...:)

Louise said...