Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Um, hello?!


Horse Virus Stolen (click link for story)

Now, if CNN pulled their collective minds together, they should realize, like I have (and most anyone who has ever watched Murder, She Wrote), that this isn't two separate news stories here. 


Anonymous said...

Wait, the horses stole the virus? How? They're dead.

Try again.

(the secret code below is "crackc" - no joke)

Anonymous said...

I was going to post this over at CNN, but I decided that because of your chummy relationship with CNN I'D LAY THIS DOWN RIGHT HERE.

Yes I agree the way you predict the news is very obvious and as news becomes more mature and developed in the last year the truth comes spilling out in the headlines. You're not very stealth about your online predictions.

Have fun trying to trying to keep each other in the friends zone in the New Year.

Michelle said...

Mary, I love your sense of humor! What a quick nimble mind you have. Seriously.

Hayley's Comment said...

oh how i love checking in with you. I pass on all your good stuff to my friends and they love you too. Miss you. have fun in Ireland.