Sunday, March 8, 2009

I went to Hawaii and I even took pictures.


There, I gave you all what you wanted. 

When I began this web log, I didn't want to be the annoying blogger that simply posted pictures of all the cool things they did. I mean, that is what facebook is for. The goal was to shy away from the "hey look at how fun and bad ass my life is". This blog was to be a vehicle to enlighten my dear friends and fans to think the same as I do; to convince you that my opinions are clearly superior. People really do need to know about things like baby seal beatings, pie charts and stride right shoes, and my opinion on social progression

Turns out, I am a lazy blogger. I blog mostly when I am bored, and inevitably The People want The Pictures. I stalk blogs and I want the same thing: the juicy details. We take pictures of noteworthy things. Trips, life moments, etc. and those are the things we care about. 

I do have important things to blog about; like the slow decline of the use of the wink as a social tool and the slow rise of socialism in America (although, mutually exclusive).  But it is daylight savings and now I am tired, so you get that lazy entry.


Millicent said...

Yay! Bring on the pictures!!

Bethany said...

Well I like both. Love your HI pictures. Love Hawaii. I want to go back every year now. I am sad I won't be in Boise with you guys this weekend, so you better take tons of pics and plan to blog about it (here or on the Ladies blog).