Monday, June 2, 2008

Poolside Propaganda

Aw, summertime... no season captures the essence of this country more than Summer: BBQ's, parades, backyard baseball games, & roadside lemonade. In fact, yesterday it was glowing outside. Yes, glowing. I am certain that there is some sort of smog inversion involved... but when that golden glow hit the lush green grassy knoll in my back yard, I was proud to be living in the land of the free & home of the brave.

This summer we have an added Americana bonus: Propaganda. And I love it. Just the other day I was reading about how gas is actually cheap. What? That is right. And you know what? I believe every word of it. (According to the Energy Information Administration, in 1922 gasoline cost the current-day equivalent of $3.11. 86 years and pocket change- literally. - its about $10/gallon in Europe

Now, with Bush on his way out, and Barry on his way in (unless Hillary throws a tantrum, which has been working for her lately- shout out to Michigan & Florida's 1/2 votes) here in DC we have outrageous job turnover. Which means eager kids are running the white house. No lie. Every experienced staffer is clamoring to find secure employment before the commie-ran Obama camp moves in... so, their jobs are being snatched up by pretentious recent grads.

And I applaud them. Thank you. The cautious damage control focused Bush team was always on the defense, and I like this new eager bunch. The attitude has shifted to doing what is right for Bush to doing what is right for America.

We need propaganda. It makes us feel good.

These eager staffers are to America what Will Smith is to summer blockbusters...they are both non-threatening heroes! Targeting our emotions and giving us exactly what we want.

I am excited for Americans to live out the summer with pride before it all goes to pot (maybe literally) after the liberals take over and tell us how much America sucks. So get out there, spend your stimulus package on a new Red White & Blue for the front of your house and let fredom ring!


Jennifer Fox said...

Mary, I loved your post and my stimulus check. If you're not a believer go to
I for one really enjoyed that trip to Montreal and my new dress - props to the USG.

Rapier Whit said...

LOVE IT! You rule, Mary! You rule. Thank so much for being so shamelessly self-promoting as to plug your blog entry. I heartily recommend that all read it.

Nick said...

I LOVE Barry, but I'm still moving to Canada. Want to come?