Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chocolate Covered Birthday

It's been a while since this event, but it's still blog-worthy. 

I turned 28 on Jan. 19th.... In keeping with the Destination Birthday concept, we decided to escape they frenzied DC area (it was inauguration weekend) for a little getaway.  Hershey, PA (aka Chocolate Town, USA) had reason to fear. 

The Peeps:
Trandy (Mandy & Trent)

The Method:
Road Trip

Desperate Times in car, calls for desperate measure: Freezing Temp - Socks = Mitten Feet

The Madness:

Hershey, PA- The air even smells of chocolate.

Chocolate World- singing cows, need I say more?

Chocolate at every meal- and just whenever we felt like it. This might be the best damn Hot Chocolate I have ever drank. Actually, I will go ahead and proclaim it: it was. 

Hershey Spa- world class day spa. Chocolate Massage, Chocolate Milk Soak, Rain Shower, Dry Sauna, Steam Room, Aromatherapy Room. 

Harrisburg- Maybe the most impressive State Capitol building I have encountered. 

And good times with friends is what it was all about. 

After our fun-filled excursion, I was able to return home to celebrate with all my friends at a party that Joe threw... and topped off the weekend with a chocolate cake he made. It was great to share my birthday with everyone! 


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Anonymous said...

Mary, I am glad that you had a great birthday! I am sorry that I was not there to join in the festivities, as you do know how to party well.I think you are adorable... but then I am your mom..... See you soon in Hawaii. love, momma-jo