Tuesday, October 1, 2013

When You're Right, You're Right

This is an excerpt from a blog I wrote during "Snowpocalypse" in 2010... it has proven itself timeless with regards to gov't ceasing operations.

1.) Soon, the rest of America will begin to wonder if they even need The Feds.

2. ) Just like everyone else, I was excited about these days. Unscheduled leave. Days at home knitting and such. BUT WE GOT IT ALL WRONG. Today I had to sign in to remote access and do a touch of work... and it hit me: oh my, I am going to have to deal with all this when I get back... I will have to work double as hard for double as long to catch up. What a nightmare.

3.) Fun while it is happening, but then nine months later you have a big problem on your hands. Stay safe out there DC.


Peter said...

Relevant today as it was back then.

Aaron Smyth said...

Wise and succinct words.