Friday, November 16, 2012

Mary McMullen's Gift Guide 2012

Gender neutral gifts! Yes! Have fun shopping. 

Slate Cheese Board

This Brooklyn Slate Company board will only set you back $25 and is tres chic. 

Do It Yourself Option: to make your own buy picking up a slab of slate from Lowes or Home Depot and glazing it yourself. Tutorial found here. Other online articles suggest using a matte varnish and then adding the oil as a conditioner/barrier.

If you want to add an exceptional cheese on the cheap, I am partial to this aged gouda from Trader Joe's. And as always, a forever advocate of Savannah Bee Company honey. This one is gold-standard.

(Go-Anywhere) Hammock

I can imagine setting this up at a friends BBQ or taking it with on a camping trip, or a trip to a beach or lake house, or even just putting it up in the back yard on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This hammock by Hammock Bliss is portable and under $50.


Who doesn't wear them? I am partial to a wood pair. They are unique enough to be cool and universal enough for anyone.

Daily Journal
I have kept a journal since I was like 12. I have it in my directive to burn all of them after death. 

These little guys make it simple for anyone to start a personal record. Question & Answer a day for adults or a version  just for kids. $12 each. 

A Fish

Probably a betta since they are so low-maintenance. And pretty. Maybe a gold fish, but for like under $20 you can get a nice betta set up from your pet store

Subscriptions & Memberships

You have to know your audience here...
Hulu Plus for the couch potato on the go
Costco for anyone who loves America and Pizza

Switch Pitch Ball

Its cool and cheap at four minis for $20. Or one for under $10.

Home Made Sweet Treat

As always I like to suggest a nice baked good for the season. This year I am partial to these chocolate mousse brownies. They are half-assed, using a box as the base saving you time and are festive with the minty deliciousness. 


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Mycket said...

Great ideas, Mary. I especially love the hammock.

k wallace said...

ah! i wait for your list every year to know christmas season has arrived. i guess it's starting, people.

k wallace said...

ps. the mousse brownies look goooooood.

Julie said...

I think I need to buy those journals for my kids!