Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mary McMullen's Gift Guide 2010

My first ever gift guide! This is stuff for all sorts of people. Hopefully you will find something you want to give, or it will inspire you to give something else great; something useful... or at the very least something really cool.


Kitchen Odor Remover

Stainless Steel "Soap" is to remove odors from your skin. Its not really soap, its just a bar of steel. With the natural power of oxido-reduction, it removes all traces of onion, garlic, fish, even nicotine and household cleaning products like bleach from the skin. I am not sure how it works, but it does. I have one and can't believe I ever cooked with out one. Get one for you, one for a friend: Soapless Soap ($11)

Cookie Cutters

I like giving US Capitol Cookie Cutters to friends from DC or who miss living in DC or who are moving away. You can pick them up at Hill's Kitchen shop near Eastern Market. But for friends who have no relation to DC I present, other cool cookie cutters:
To get yourself a Ninja-men, click here: Ninja Bread Men Cookie Cutters ($9)

Wheeled Duffle Bag
A really nice wheeled weekend travel pack. This thing will set you back a few dollars ($450). But if he has years of traveling ahead of him, think of it as an investment. To buy: Filson Wheeled Large Duffle Bag Or, you can try to find another more affordable option. This one just looks like perfection.

Reversible Bow Tie
One that looks like it would look good on a 20 year old, or a 90 year old. Give one (but it will be like giving two): Graham Withers Tie Collection ($54)

Pac-Man Themed Notebooks

For kid of the 80s this is not only practical (who doesn't need a sleek notebook in their pocket or purse to jot things down on. Lists, phone numbers, names, brilliant ideas. This one is not only useful, but nostalgic. And they lie completely flat when opened, and they have an elastic closure, so they are sure to stay shut. They are available at Amazon in different sizes: Amazon Link ($13-20)


If you make something to give out, make these...

Half baked brownie, peanut butter rice krispies, chocolate topping, melted marshmallows. O-M-G. They are good. So good. Add some cinnamon to the brownie mix for a little holiday warmth. Recipe Link: Click Here [via Brown Eyed Baker Blog] (Approx. $10 cost of making)

If you decide to buy a baked treat. Get these:
They are Levain Bakery Cookies from NYC and they are famous for a reason. To order online, click here: Link to Levain Bakery Online Ordering. ($22 for 4 cookies)

A Root Beer Sampler

My local (chain) World Market sells about 15 varieties of bottled root beer from around the globe and you can buy them by the bottle, to create your very own sampler pack. You can use this idea for chocolate too. Or real beer. (Aprox. cost $15)


City Posters
I have the DC poster, and the SF poster. They also sell posters of the following cities: NYC (and all the boroughs separately), Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, Great Lakes, Toronto, New Orleans, Minneapolis & Vancouver. So for someone who has lived in any of those places, or does live in those places, or wants to, this is a great gift. AND if you have a doctor friend they also sell The Brain map and The Heart Map. Ork Posters Online ($20-$30 depending on poster, print media & size)

Paper Tweets
Sure these might be more fun than practical, but from someone who hates twitter, I can't get enough of these, and to give to a friend who is addicted to twitter, might be fun too. Buy here. ($5 for a pad of 50 sheets)


Heather said...

Thanks for posting these! I got some ideas!

Peter said...

I liked this very much. I will take a duffle. KTHNXBAI

layjent said...

great post, great ideas, great author

Stephanie said...

Mary Mc- I would follow you off a cliff. And very much appreciate the holiday help. You always know just what to say. Thnx much!

Mycket said...

Genius strikes again. You just solved 56% of my Christmas problems. I owe you, oh, let's say a dinner?