Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mr. President

I claim to be republican because currently, it is the party that aligns with most of my core values of government. My friend Rob and I often speak of starting the Moderate Reform Party, but history is not ready for that day yet.

Thoughts on President Obama:

I respect the man. I really respect Jon Favreau. And I definitely respect the Office of President. I was at the swearing in ceremony of the first bi-racial President of the United States. I use the term "bi-racial" because he is not all black, he is not all white, he is not hawaiian of decent, though was raised there. You get the point. But, that isn't really even the point. The point is I don't care what race he is or isn't. My hope is that Americans don't either. My hope is that people voted for who they thought would serve American the best; no matter the color of their skin, no matter the culture they were raised, no matter the age or sex or creed. Barak Obama is a symbol of Americans progressing past the blinders of race. 

Turns out, I disagree with most of his political ideas for America yet, I agree with his ideals for America. Turns out, he also seems to agree with G.W. Bush as well: (the really good part starts at 1:40)

Not only was he inspiring, but it was inspiring to be on the grounds where greatness has lead and directed our Nation for years and it was inspiring to be among the people on this historic day:

Please note the bus in the midst of the crowds: it had no hope.

Washington Monument & the People

Jumbo-trons were set up all along the National Mall.

My friends and I. This picture is a miracle, because there were literally MILLIONS of people around us, and this picture makes it appears were were the only ones there. 

And here is a little video of my own for posterity:

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