Thursday, January 1, 2009

NY Still Hearts Me

~scroll down to bottom of post for a couple pictures~ 

We welcomed 2009 by driving up for New Years Day. Now, driving in New York City (especially Manhattan) is something of a concern... Parking in NYC is something to be feared (for most, not me).  We conquered both. 

Proof NY Hearts Me:

Noon-ish: Rolled into the City
12:12 p.m.- Parked on the Upper West. Free street parking. Walked three blocks to brunch.
12:15- Feasted at Sarah Beth's (I had the Goldie Loxs, which I recommend highly).

1:30- Central Park Stroll. 

2:45- Drove to the Village from the Upper West Side.

3:00- Arrived/Parked in Greenwich. Again, found (free) street parking a mere couple blocks from our destination. 
3:15- Joe's life changed forever
3:30- Run in with the paparazzi

3:31- Discussion as to rather we should walk the two miles to Soho or drive. Considered that we had been lucky with parking today, do we dare push our luck more so? Wait, clearly this was fate. 
3:32- Drove from Greenwich to Soho
3:45- Again, free street parking. Slipped right into an open spot. No circling for a spot yet!

4:00- Have a couple hours to kill, decide drive across the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn
5:00- Want pizza. Park literally in FRONT of the pizza joint. Free parking again! Enjoyed a slice
5:30- Drove back to DC


Some from Central Park

Greenwich Village:

Look even celebrities do normal things!

(if you can't tell, someone scrolled "Poop 2009" onto this dirty car)


Anonymous said...

"Mary Where are your gloves?"......Popa Smurf

Anonymous said...

I need some of the credit for you finding parking.... am I not the one who taught you that one can create spots by using the power of wishful thinking???? Glad you started the new year out with a great time! Love, momma-jo

Bethany said...

I am so jealous of your road trips. You just can't get anywhere that cool in a day's drive from slc. sigh.