Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Georgia on my mind- a trip & an election.

Savannah, GA is like walking into a storybook. It seduces with trees dripping with Spanish moss, voices dripping with southern drawl, and the local food dripping with sweet Savannah honey. It is a coastal city, further south then San Diego, providing sunshine and mild winter weather. 

Savannah Pictures: Essay
Saint John: Catholic

Historic Home: Lovely

Lion Gargoyle: Rawr

River Walk: Festive

Pirate Thanksgiving: Yum

Tybee Island: Sunrise

Beach House: Mine

Magnolia, Palm: Trees

Good Times: All

Car Ride: Long


Note: Saxby Chambliss secured the GOP senate seat from Georgia, dashing the hopes of a filibuster proof senate for the Dems. Meaning if the Dems had 60 seats in the senate, they would hold the power to be able to stop any minority move to halt votes. Thank goodness... and this has nothing to do with partisanship. This has to do with balance of power.

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Peter said...

When I saw the magnolia tree I of course thought of Mandy.