Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dora The Expose

So there we were... in the valley of West Virginia and we end up at a local soccer match at the local graveyard. (Yes, it happened that said game was taking place on the excess land of the cemetery). As we approached the game, we noticed a little girl flying a kite. "Hey, that looks fun", I say, "and I have a kite!" (Yes, I happen to drive around with an X-kite in my trunk).

The wind was wild & wonderful; perfect. Little Maria (approx. 3 years old) was about 50 yards away, flying her Dora the Explorer kite like it was no ones business.

We attempt to get mine into flight. Fail.

We look over and Maria & Dora... they are flying strong and Maria is using only one hand. That's right: one handed! So, I start to run. A rare sight. I meant business, I wasn't about to allow Maria to school me on the field/graveyard... running... fail.

I turn kite control over to Diana. She uses a rare wrist rotary method with a twist... fail.

We glance over again. Maria is now eating a popsicle with one hand, flying the kite with the other! Who does she think she is? At this point, our kite flying became a team sport.

Me, Mandy, Diana and Wayne all attempt flight. Fail.

After we give up completely and begin disassembling my kite we look over at Maria one last time. She is now laying down in the lush grass, sucking on her Popsicle and still flying her damn Dora kite. Eww.

Please watch the aftermath video below to get a clear idea of the passions little Maria stirred with in us all.

So after the exhausting failures on the field, there was only one thing left to do: gamble away our sorrows at the horse track. Click here to go to Mandy's blog and read all about how we made ourselves feel better by way of gluttony, greed, power, fame, and such. No, really, that is why we were in West VA in the first place.


Mandy Lin said...

Really Mary, a three year old flys a kite better than you!?!

P.S. Grandma is not buried are.

Wayne said...

Two things:
1) Kite is a failure and I stand by my words.
2) Mary you still haven't explained why you were invading my camera time.