Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spontaneous or Irresponsible?

There's a fine line between someone being cute versus being creepy. The qualifier is this: if the person in question is someone you like, then of course it is cute. If the person in question is someone you are not interested in, then of course it's deemed creepy. Doesn't really matter what the act is. i.e., guy I am not into buys me flowers: creepy... guy I am into tells me he was going to buy me flowers but forgot: cute.

Much like that, there is a fine line between spontaneity and irresponsibility. It is time to develop a qualifier for rash decisions.

Some case studies ripped from the headlines of my life:

  • The other night I needed to buy some household items; namely, a hand mixer and a new duvet cover. I begrudgingly went to the store to pick up said items. I didn't purchase either. I returned with a 64 inch 3-D x-Kite! (and a slice of Costco pizza)

  • Friday night I had big plans to spend a quiet evening at home with friends watching a wholesome history-epic (Far & Away). By the time the movie would have ended, I had crossed through two states and the District and was on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

  • Once (like five years ago) I went to get the mail and ended up in Seattle, WA.

  • And not as exciting, but more relevant; the question I am faced with daily: "Go to work or don't". Now, more times then I care to admit I just don't go.

I like to delude myself into thinking that I don't regret much... so apparently, I am OK with my decisions. Even outright proud of some of them. However, as you also might know, just because I make the choice, doesn't make it the right choice. So, the need for a qualifier is now.


Hayley's Comment said...

Um, so you went to our summer home on the Eastern Shore without me? ...Also keep doing what you're doing. When you're old and grey you will be glad you did all those things, especially the not going to work part!

Anonymous said...

hummm...... let's see. Irresponsbile or spontaneous qualifier???? If you have a roof over your head, food on the table, clothes on your back, then I say SPONTANEOUS!!! My motto has always been: Be good Do good HAVE FUN!!! Keep just enough responsibility for balance. Love, momma-jo

Mer Swift said...

Life requires responsibility, but I'll tell you I am so incredibly sick of it. I need a vacation. I'm coming to D.C. in August for 2 weeks.

Peter said...

That is what wel love about you McMary. I know you are always up for an adventure.

Larren & Amberly said...

Mare: I changed my blog address: it's now

Devin said...

I do want to hear how you ended up in Seattle after going out to check the mail.