Monday, March 24, 2008

March Maddess Mega-Post

{Disclaimer: Don't get too excited. This post has nothing to do with basketball; turns out the Aggies let us all down this year, therefore I have absolutely no interest in what is happening with the Dance. }

I have had quite the month of March. I will now spew highlights at you. (In chronological order):

1. We kicked off the month with a party for Mandy: reinforced the notion that Karaoke should be a drunken-only sport.
(Millie, Katie, and Wayne getting down with their bad selves)

2. I went on an impromptu trip to Easton, MD. If it wasn't for this trip we would have never bought the "how to host your own murder mystery dinner" kits. I am certain when we break those out, it will merit it's own posting.

(stock photo- taken from another random trip to Easton in days past, I kinda go there a lot. This particular trip went undocumented- for many undisclosed reasons)

3. There was a pie contest. I lost. No more needs to be spoken of it.

3.5 Kaleb moved to D.C. and he won the Mary Ann McMullen jackpot! Right next door. Welcome to the neighborhood.
(Kaleb with chives... in space)

4. Friends from out of town came to visit. Good times were had with Kyle and Brigham from the Ohio State School of Dentistry.
(Andy, Me, Kyle, Diana, Kristi, Beckka)

5. Ladies Who Brunch began. Katie, Jenn, and Steph will bring new sanity to my weekends. Thanks. Just as a warning: I am about to become obsessed with THE DERBY. If you are reading this, you may want to impress me: I suggest buffing up your knowledge of the race.

6. Frogs! at the National Geographic Society. If you haven't gone yet: go. It was one of the best exhibits I have ever seen. Any exhibit that I walk away from saying, "If I ever kill someone, it will be a classy method like a blow dart gun" is obviously worth your time. Frogs are dangerous little suckas and you learn all about them at this chorus of colors, featuring the frog.

7. Saloun in Georgetown. It was said "Saloun never disappoints" and my friends, it did not. The lead singer of the jazz/motown fusion band was simply infatuated with Jenn. He sang to her, danced with her, and crooned at our table. Un-freaking-believable. We danced the night away and let loose. Good times.

(Again, pictures were not taken. I am thankful for that. Somethings just don't need to be documented)

7. Easter Dinner. Shout out to Jenn for hosting, KR for the glaze job, Christy for a cupcake that rivals mine, Nikki for the green bean casserole, the Bread Gods for the orange rolls (yes, they were heavenly), and to Jonathan for the prunes.
(L-R: Jonathan, KR, Christy, Jenn, Me, Todd. Front: Nikki, Aaron, Jenny, Steph, Katie)

8. There were two celebrity look-a-like discoveries made. Turns out Kyle is the secret love child of Owen Wilson and Matthew McConaughey and my roommate Maggie may have been the inspiration for the seamstress from The Incredibles (mind you Maggie has stronger bangs now and wears glasses around the house sometimes).

9. Jane (my roommate) and Seth got engaged! Congrats!

(Seth and Jane working together on the Flobee back in 2006... many more cooperative projects in the future, I am sure)


Julie Bradshaw said...

Mary, I think you and I need to become better friends. I think we could have a mutually benefitial relationship. I would do more things in and around DC and I would provide endless embarrasing moments for you and friends to mock mercilessly. Think about it.

Wayne said...

Looks like you have had a magical month. Thank you for letting me take part.
I do think the Pie Contest needs a little more attention. Come on your good friend Trent took second place, and I did take first place (thank you Grandma Eyre). We worked hard for our titles and deserve more than just a sentence.

Devin said...

What a month. And as always, I love your numbering system.

Peter said...

Wow. A whole month that I was hardly a part of. I know it's my fault.

dr awkward said...

Mary, I was proud to be a witness to the events at Saloon, but I was a little sad the motorcycle ride didn't at least get an honorable mention. What gives?