Saturday, January 24, 2015

State of the Joke

Typically I live blog during The State of the Union. Adding in my thoughts as the Presidents tells us what he wants us to hear. 

This year I was unable to watch live since it aired one hour into a three hour flight I was on... I figured I'd deplane and hear all about the highs and lows. It would be the chatter of DC. 

I am a person who reads the news daily. I watch the news most days. The only thing I have heard about the SOTU is some ad-lib joke that President Obama delivered. 

[In case you missed it, it went like this... Obama: "I have no more campaigns to run..." and then all the GOP interrupt with a roar of applause. Then O: "I know... Because I won both of them.]

Ok, mildly amusing. He was quick-thinking. 

The problem with all of this: No one seemed to care enough about ANYTHING else he had to say. The media kept replaying it. I read more than one article headline about it. 

The rest of his speech? Who knows. It isn't that the joke is soooo good that it overshadowed the rest of it. It is the rest of it didn't matter.  But it does! America has a lot going on these days. Mostly amazing things. A few things internally that we need to deal with. That we need a President to step in and speak to... 

I didn't hear or see anything up there but a joke. 

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