Sunday, September 16, 2012

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You may have been reading the wildly popular series over at Petechat; "meet-his-groomsman"

Peter just posted the final, albeit most anticipated, installment.

It features none other than my boyfriend, Dan Nelson. 

This post, (which you are reading now) is my reaction to it. 

Original, PeteChat blog text in blue font.  NYHeartsMe reaction in red bold font.

This posts focuses on none other than my consigliere Mr. Daniel John Nelson. Ok, a few years ago they (Dan & Peter) sat around and spout off who from our real life they would cast in The Godfather. I still haven't forgiven them for casting me as Constanzia "Connie" Corleone. Also, I think we should all question their casting, since I'm pretty sure Derek Jamison was Vito. Whatever. 

When did you meet?
Great story actually. I was sitting in the SWKT at Washington Seminar orientation in Fall 2003. Ok, that is probs true... but let me tell you about the time I met Mr. Nelson- he came over to my house, he was wearing a smart argyle sweater, and he didn't talk to me for about 3 hours. 

Who does he root for? Dan Nelson is a true sports fan. Understatement of the year. BTW, Dan also roots for the rally monkey's death. 

What does he like? Nothing. Dan likes reading sports biographies, baseball, BYU, Star Wars, Quicksilver, batting cages, bow ties, bobble heads, Mario Kart, Snap Shirts, sitting on the porch, having a catch, the Crossroads of the West, Don Draper, IN-N-Out, Brigham Young's Birthplace, Jim Rome Show, Sports Reporters, Redskins Fans, IBC Rootbeer, Sundown, Magnum PI, Karate Kid, and Hulkamania. Ok, I'd say he has a mild interest in all of things, barely. 

Which Star Wars Character is he most like?No question Lando Calrissian. Obviously, Peter and I just don't agree about our real-life to movie-life conversions. Because Dan would be Darth Vader, duh. 

Things you should know about Dan- 
Notable omissions:
-Dan loves to have people fake like they are going to take a bite out of him for a snack. "Nompf"
-Once dan got kicked in the face by someone who will remain unnamed, but at one point took his shirt off. 
-Dan is a crock-pot guru.
-He also really loves bouncy-hearts. 
-Dan and I share the best all-around DC memory of all time. We will always have the moment that Military Police and Military Warden came out on their balcony for a refreshing bit of air and a nice stretch. 
-Dan started ZTF. If it is ever Friday, ask him about his tolerance level. 

I probably have a million inside jokes with Dan. He's been a great friend, and I am absolutely pumped for him to move out to CA for school. Now we just need to get Joe out here too and there will be balance in the force. WTF OMG HOW DARE YOU NOT INCLUDE ME ON THIS LIST OF DC-TO-CA TRANSPLANTS. I'm coming. 

And, lastly, here are some pictures of Dan that I have, but can't tag on facebook, because he refuses my virtual friendship...


Derek said...

I approve of this post and Dan Nelson.

- Vito

joejohn said...

Needs more pics of Dan with a mustache.

Jennifer Fox said...


Peter said...

I like how he isn't smiling in any of these pictures. Glad I could once again inspire you.