Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hi Mom

I had originally planned to put some humble joke right here about how I have two readers; my mom being one of them... but that isn't true. Somehow I have hundreds... so, here it is... A NEW POST. WITH PICTURES. OMG, I AM GOING TO DIE OF HAPPINESS!

I went to Puerto Rico. You should too. Separate travel post soon. That picture was taken from the condo we rented, if you need a place, I know a gal. 

If you didn't know, putting an iphone in a vase makes it a speaker. Ghetto speakers all over that island.

Reenacting the Last Supper. Sac-religious humor is still really funny to me.

 Kappa Delta sorority reunion was everything it implies and more. J.E.M. for life. AOT. 

 Usually when you speed (cough, 25 over) and they take a picture, you get a ticket. Not when you are me. They must know who I am. 

Also, I like this song. I mean, it takes some gumption.

And I saw the Lumineers live at Wolf Trap. Rarely a group is better live, they were: 


In conclusion, this summer has been one for the record books (that was a subtle pun since it is the hottest summer DC has had. ever. record breaking heat nearly daily). I am glad I am here. Thankful daily for my friends and the life I get to have. The only regret I have thus far in 2012 is when it was 109 degrees outside, wait, that would be ridiculous, it was 7 degrees cooler than that. Ok, it was a scorcher and we were gathering for the uphill walk to the fireworks show and Eric suggested we stay inside the comfort of air conditioning and watch it on TV. We voted. It was 6-to-1. Six for staying in, one for the odyssey to the Air Force to watch the 'works. Since it wasn't unanimous and we support our friends, we went. I should have been more persuasive. 


heathyjane said...

I feel mildly cyber bullied.

Aaron S said...

Cool Lumineers song, too.