Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Yo. We ventured to The City and peaked in on some new art at the New Museum. The concept of the New Museum is that the art is even fresher than contemporary- its "now" art. The current exhibition is called "The Ungovernables". It is just what you'd expect. A bunch of weird art... but is it? (Is it art that is). When you think of new age fake art, it doesn't get better then what we saw experienced. 

The best/worst of the lot is Hassan Khan's Jewel (2010). There is a deep ethnic bass-tastic beat that lures you down a dark hallway into a dark room with music piped in and a film of two men dancing projected onto one wall. They are supposed to be representative of something. Who cares. They are dancing. And you just watch them dance. And it's hypnotic. And terrible. And makes you want to dance. And you do. But no one else does. And the music's so loud it seems to hide you.

In my mind I have mocked this for days. Yet, whenever I describe it, somehow the description that comes out seems so cool. 

I can't stop thinking about it. 

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