Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All the Hallows that Eve

I really enjoy Halloween. I like to dress up.

The thing is that when I really think about it, Halloween is absurd. If there are aliens, I desperately hope they show up on Halloween, not knowing that it isn't just what we do. We don't dress in craziness, we don't send our children out to gather our food intake from other houses for variety. That's the magic of it all- it's so beyond what we would typically do, but it is so socially accepted. Even people who wouldn't dress up for a theme party, or wouldn't even dress up for a fancy party- will dress up on Halloween.

Not only is is just a bunch of silliness- its a pretty pointed theme. It is celebrating nothing. And don't get all Halloween-historic on me. No one really knows/really cares. It's a holiday for holidays sake. There is nothing to do but focus on the event itself. Even Valentines Day- which might be the most made up of them all, is celebrating love. Ok, I guess St. Patricks day isn't much of a holiday either- but there are no St. Patrick traditions- besides getting drunk. Halloween: you have a goal. You dress up. You get treats. You trick people.

A review- dressing up, treats, imagination, creativeness, magic, the occult, playing tricks, a singular focus, friends, fun, lolipops (literally), sunshine (hopefully), and rainbows (if you're lucky). [[See what I just did there, that was a throw-back to St. Patricks day and the Luck of the Irish]].

What's not to love? Let loose. Happy Halloween!

Here is a glimpse of my costume this year...

Any guesses what's happening here? Stay tuned...

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Julie said...

Cleopatra or medusa!