Thursday, September 8, 2011

We Still Get It- Outer Banks Vacation Report

This travelogue is dedicated to - he asked for it, and we know that every one else kinda sorta really desperately wants to know what happened too. And if you were there, then we can safely assume you have a touch of narcissism. After all, we are the Mean Girls.

So this is a, cough, heavily edited, tell-all. 

The Car Ride Down

Me, Heather, Wayne & Joe piled into the family mini-van & pasted our stick figure stickers on the back window. The most important thing that came of the car convos was the outline of our upcoming summer escape-lit novella... A period piece set in Nauvoo. "Noble Heart: A Pioneer Pony-Tale. ©"  Should hit Deseret Book shelves by the new year.

We also discussed various terms of endearment. The winning nickname was "fruitsnack". That's right. "Babe" is out, "Fruitsnack" is in... "Hey Fruitsnack, lookin' good".  

Joe & his mustache + Wayne & Heather in the basket at Harris Teeter. 

The Next Three Days (also the title of a movie we watched; not worth it). 

It is almost just a blur of happiness. It happened and it was wonderful.

Wayne took it upon himself to dig a hole in the beach. Patricia and Michelle also were obedient to the task. The entire beach was wondering why? Why a hole? Why now?! The answer: "If we didn't dig it, who would?". 

I never said digging it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it. 

Sadly, the weekend wasn't with out incident or accident. Kathy and Mother Ocean got in a fight. Kathy didn't get wet, the ocean got Wallaced. She is a survivor; sadly a survivor with a broken neck. The good news is that did overshadow the accident that Kim was victim to: the glass table breaking when she was on it. Let me just say this about that- she was not dancing on the table. 

Joe cleaning up debris from Hurricane Kim 

To cope, Dave time traveled back to 1993. He was on the land line phone, trying to decide what VHS to watch. I won't even mention Gorky Park. Don't google it. Just don't. 
Dave circa 1993

Meanwhile, Nate decided that instead of digging a hole in the sand, he should build up the sand and fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming King Triton, a merman. Ok, fine, it was my idea. Whatever. Proof it happened:

I still am in shock that this happened. And that I took a picture. And that I posted it publicly. 

Another source of distraction came from the jumbo straws we bought. $2.50 provided not only convenient drinking straws, allowing no need to raise your drink any higher than necessary, but they also offered a chance for Joe & Kyle to build a mega-straw and try to drink from a couple stories high. They failed. 
Nice try. 

All the while we were able to relax in the hot tub, which suspiciously had a built in strobe light feature. The tie-in there to the '93 time travel is still unclear. This year, instead of floating Nachos, Stephanie classed it up with floating Chocolate & Chilled grapes. At that point we thought we got it... but then Tuesday morning, thanks to Heather, we finally really did get it. We moved our chairs down to the water and let the tide roll in, giving us a kiss of the ocean ever few minutes. How did it take five days to figure that trick out? I will never know. 

Speaking of things that were unknown. Someone in our ward, on the trip, didn't know who Joe was. Lulz.

Overall, another successful outer banks trip. A huge thank you to the gal-pals Jenny and Kathy for planning it this year! I don't want to wait a whole year for it again. 


[Important Edits: 7:51pm, 9/8/2011]

Edit 1. Early reports are that they did indeed succeed with the multi-story-straw. I doubt it, but I did do the splits one night at 2am, in the midst of many nay-sayers, so with that, I will say anything is possible. 

Edit 2. Also, on the ride down JoeJohn twice exited the vehicle, while in motion, to remove debris. The first time I thought he was just done with us and leaving. But no, he was saving the trip


joejohn said...

What about my drive down heroics?

kyle said...

Wonderful post Mary. Could you please post an apology along with your correction? Where do I go to get my reputation back?

Peter said...

I miss this trip so much. Thanks for writing this.

k wallace said...

hurricane kim, you're welcome. mary, you were the only one to get the true possibilities of the chunk o dune: a space age hot tub and a 1993 game room? are you thinking what i'm thinking?

Melissa Blake said...

looks wonderful! xoxo