Monday, May 9, 2011


There was a period of time in recent American history referred to as "Camelot". The charisma of the Kennedy family and the success of his Administration led to the nickname.

There was also a time in recent Single-Mormon-Crystal-City history that I like to refer to as The Camelot Years. Those years are now over. Solidified with the move of our ward house location.

It turns out I don't own that building on the Potomac River. "That's my building" I used to say. Sigh. It was never for my own.

And it wasn't just the building. Just like with the Kennedy years; it was the way things were, the people, the administration, the innocence. Now, I realize the past is typically intrinsically better. After all, I was younger then. It was when I was in my 20's for goodness sakes.

I will look back on The Camelot Years with great fondness. There was so much to love.

Jackie Kennedy remarked, "There’ll be great presidents again… but there’ll never be another Camelot." I echo her sentiments.


Adriana said...

Well said. Those were good years...

Stephanie said...

Can't Camelot reconvene for Labor Day Duck 2011? Heaven knows we'll all still be single.

kyle said...

How did it take me a month to read this post? Stephanie has the best comment evah! Im fairly upset that blogger doesnt have a way for me to like it.