Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Say It Ain't Snow

This snow storm is the devil in sheep's clothing. Hear me out:

1.) The rest of America will soon begin to wonder if they even need the feds. The federal government has basically stopped. I expect fights to break out soon regarding if this is costing us or if it is saving us (fiscally, and politically).

2. ) IT'S A TRICK. Just like everyone else, I was excited about these Snow Days. Unscheduled leave. Days at home by roaring fires. BUT WE GOT IT ALL WRONG. Today I had to sign in to remote access and do a touch of work... and it hit me: oh my, I am going to have to deal with all this everything when I get back... I will have to work double as hard for double as long to catch up. What a nightmare. This is going to bite us all in the ass.

3.) Where is all this snow going to go? It was pretty for about an hour. And now its melting. It is dirty. It is going to flood things. It's a mess.

The moral of the story: Fun while it is happening, but then nine months later you have a big problem on your hands. Stay safe out there DC.


Ben said...

I appreciate that you compare taking fun in the snow with sexual exploits. Well done!

Anonymous said...

A) The rest of America SHOULD realize that they don't need as much of the Federal gov't as they Federal gov't wants.
B) This year so far, the employees of the Federal Government in Washington DC will be paid at least 1 and maybe 2% of their income for days they sat at home looking at the snow, doing no practical work.
C) The snow will melt and then evaporate because there is global warming. Its a "science" fact!


Michelle said...

Let's go back in history and remember that D.C. used to be a swamp. So I guess snow would be a mess there...but here, it's delightful. Here, we know how to deal with it. S.I.U., Mary. Suck it up.

Stephanie said...

Oh Mary Mc, you make pessimism so alluring. I wish you still lived in Melrose last week, I trekked there on foot twice.