Monday, August 31, 2009

Hey Champer-Gamper

Cats... where do I start? Lets start with: I hate them.

{Also, we need to make sure that we are on the same page. When I say "cat" I am referring to a cat bread of the genus Felis, species Felis Catus; otherwise known as a typical domesticated house cat. A cat from the genus Panthera, or a jungle Lion ... they are hard core, they are totally different. Ever since Mufasa taught my little brother how to be a man, I have nothing but respect for Lions.}

Back to cats; I am sure they provide comfort and love to certain people. Those are not my people. As much as I love cats, I love cat ladies more.

Sometimes, because God knows how much I hate cats he offers me a peace offering. Something that says, "Mary, because you must endure those things roaming the earth along side of you, I will give you this, a special gift that almost, almost makes up for it"

Here it is:

I really lost it around 2:25


Ashley Custer said...

In that case, you probably don't want to know that, immediately before you moved in, a geriatric, long-haired cat lived in your bedroom. If Chan had died (which was not at all implausible), her ghost would totally be wandering around your room right now. Just sayin'.

Louise said...

kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species...that's the only thing i retained from 7th grade science and i love to repeat it out loud whenever possible, just to show that i've still got it.

Hayley's Comment said...
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Hayley's Comment said...

I am catsitting right now and I would love nothing more than to "accidentally" let it out and have it never come back. There is no endearing quality in cats, especially this one. I hate cats too Mary and I'm right there with you. That video was priceless!

lysh said...

ummm u lost it at 2:25 ... i think i lost it at 2:00 .... "remember: You can't fool drool. ummmm" ... how did you even find this? "this is a really groovy move?" im going to be sick.

layjent said...

I'm still asking myself why I continued to watch that...i guess I was hoping for the cat to attack her, or maybe her to attack the cat...but sadly neither.

Amy J. said...

Mary ann mcmullen, you never let me down. I had not read your blog in a while and as i was scrolling through my bookmarks tonight, i stumbled upon it and decided to take a look. you still crack me up, even if we're not sitting in the office e-mailing each other back and forth so D won't hear us talking.

I miss you!

Oh, and that cat totally turned into a stuffed tiger a couple times... what the hell? was it really necessary to give champer-gamper (hahaha) a break from filming?? hahah

William Perry said...

that was freaky. I need to read your blog more!