Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Soviets need to be punished for their actions, thus I am calling them Soviets from now on... afterall, they are acting like they used to.

I hate Giant grocery stores... there are about a million reasons why, but mainly it's because I love Harris Teeter that much more.

Out of desperation the other day, and by the other day, I mean TWO WEEKS AGO (time frame is important in this story) I was running through the local Giant across the street from my house when I spotted a sight that made me gasp out loud:


I was appalled, so I checked the bag for a factory stamp. 2008, this loot was fresh. I was sick.

Now, I really can't get too pissed about the commercialization involved with them stocking for the holiday of holidays, they do it because it sells. Demand drives supply. I love capitalism, so I can't really be upset. But, this tale is not only to piss off our socialist soviet friends, but also to tell you that I was a bit excited. Why?

There are two holiday candy selections that I like to stock up on. Some will buy boxes of girl scout cookies to last through the cold bitter winters, but really, there are only two seasonal items worth such honor.

Exhibit A: Mini Cadbury Eggs

What would I do with a real, full size Cadbury egg? Nothing. But the mini ones; they are special.

Exhibit B: Candy Corn Kisses

Some people (most people) hate them. I am not those people. When Hershey's decided to come up with this exotic flavor, I had my doubts... I mean, no one knows what Candy Corn really is anyway, right? (Wikipedia doesn't even really know... they throw out words like "usually contains" and "may varry" in the entry... and they think they know everything over there at wikipedia, so for them to be iffy on the details says something).

They are nastily delicious. A phenomenon like when something hurts so good... black licorice is another example of a food that s nastily delicious. And again, only a few of us can appreciate the taste.
Anyway, Candy Corn kisses are for sale. Save me some.

P.S. Apparently last year Target- a big box, anti-local, discount department store, like Walmart but red instead of blue- had exclusive rights to sell the Candy Corn kisses. Another reason for the socialist soviets to hate this post and another reaon for me to love Candy Corn kisses and capitalism.


Anonymous said...

"HI Mary"Moma-jo & I were at Costco on Sat,Christmas decorations are in the store NOW for your viewing pleasure!Its only 4 months till Xmas......Papa Smurff

MF said...

Mary -

I stumbled upon your blog and loved your post on Halloween candy. I 100% agree on Cadbury Minis (hate the large). AND I have never had the Candy Corn Kisses. I am coming back to U.S.A on Oct 5th and I plan to hit up Target. They better be good. I love candy corn and I love Kisses . . . . . . . .

Melissa Bagwell Flake

Amberly said...

you are SO damn funny. miss you.

Erica hearts Eric said...

Hello, My name is Erica and I stock up on Girl Scout cookies, MINI cadbury eggs, and LOVE candy corn hersheys.

If you need a box of Thin Mints, just let me know.

AOT- #1539

PS. PIN! You are coming to Utah...

Cam said...

Candy Corn Kisses? I don't know if I am in love or want to puke. I think the first one. I can not have an open bag of candy corn in the room without demolishing it. So worth the stomach ache. :)

Cam said...

I just found them at the Giant. After eating a dozen trying to decide if I like them or not, I am still unsure. But they are so cute!

Michelle said...

My cousins and I wait all year for those mini cadbury eggs to appear. they make life worth living.