Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not OK

Finally we can have our guns in the District, but we can't roam around as a free man/woman. New "Neighborhood Safety Zones" (NSZ's) will be set up and literally have police checkpoints.That's right, if you want to roll down certain streets in the District you have to pass by our fascist police and tell them why you are there. So if you don't live there, work there, or have a "legitimate" reason to be there they will kick you out or arrest you. Just depends.
Define "legitimate"? I mean really:
I am going to check on my baby's mama, let me in the 'hood. Ok.
I am going to make a baby, let me in the 'hood. Ok
I am going to steal my baby, let me in the 'hood. No.
Right, sure, like anyone is going to be just tell the police what mayhem they are planning on doing once they are inside the fascist territory.
Another exciting part of this new plan is pedestrians will not be subject to the public safety checks:
You would like to go in there and shoot someone? Ok, but you gonna walk in there like a man!
Are we being kept out or are they being kept in?:
I think we all know the answer to this... I can think of a place in time where this happened... everyone wore badges on their arms identifying themselves. The General Government of the Nazi administration set up a similar plan back in Warsaw during WWII. Fail.
I know what you are thinking- the 14th Amendment, right? Apparently they took the "We the people of the United STATES" too literally again. We know, you are a district. We also know you are crazy.


Mycket said...

Very funny take, Mary. And you know I love you - but statements a little too easily made living from a place like Crystal City.
Two key points that you are missing: 1) The NSZs are REQUESTED by residents and district commanders. They know better than us if they need it. 2) Are temporary and can only last for 10 days max.
Oh yeah, and they are constitutional.

Billy said...

well hells bells mcmary mullen. at least the district is doing cool stuff like partnering with google to provide 3D google earth maps of the district among a whole host of other things. check THIS site out. all the google earth layers you can download are located along the right margin--my fav. is the red light camera layer.

also check out DC's very own GIS manager guest posting on the google latlong blog.

Mommy to Girls said...

Mary Mary Mary, where in the world are you living?? Do they really have guns that big?!

Trent said...

I'm going to have to ask this blog to settle down. That is all.

Anonymous said...

It's all Obama's fault!.........Papa Smurf