Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Fourth O' July

This may very well be my last Independence Day in DC... combine that with the fact that we have an overwhelming love of our Nation, and what is produced is the best Fourth ever.

Here is a rough time line of events from my fourth (yes, I started on Thursday, after all that is the day they sat down and signed the declaration) with a few notations.


Bonfire- well, it was supposed to be a bonfire, till we realized that we didn't come prepared to put out said fire... so we didn't want it to get too big. That and it was like 90 degrees out. So we kept the actual fire on the smaller side. It was fantastic though. Complete with a dramatic reading of the Declaration of Independence. Of all the things happening on the 3rd of July, I am confidant that the spirits of John Hancock, Ben Franklin, & Co decided to come to our bonfire.


Fun Run- How can a run be fun? Make it short and theme it! Matt Waldrip wasn't going to stand for a pancake breakfast with out a fun run... so we made it happen. Everyone wore patriotic garb and set out to run the exhausting two blocks... Kristi and I hosted two water stations. Proper hydration is an important liberty we all share.

Pancake Breakfast- It takes a lot for me to be impressed by an event that I don't plan. I was impressed.

The Pool- Nothing is more American then stretching your entrepreneurial skills and getting a good 10 people in a pool with one pass for two.

BBQ- Yum. Well, Kyle put too much pepper in the pork, but other then that it was great ;)

Boat on the Potomac- They said it couldn't be done... but we had our own little miracle and secured a boat that took us from Old Town Alexandria, up to Georgetown, DC along the Potomac River... We then stopped and enjoyed the fireworks on the water. No better view of the fireworks in DC- framed by the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

To start a bonfire- you need only one thing: a card carrying Eagle Scout! Thank you Joe Johnston.

But to really get the bonfire going, it needs to be hot! Thank you Katie Magleby & friend.

Good times had by all!

Fourth Fun Run:

Pancake Breakfast:

On The Potomac:

I had one of the best independence days to date...


Larren & Amberly said...

why is this your last 4th in dc? are you moving to boise? so much closer!

Mommy to Girls said...

Wait are you moving back to CA???? Come to the central coast!!!!! Love the toe nails by the way :)

Daniel said...

No mention of how I saved the bonfire - difficult to forgive that slip...

Jennifer Fox said...

Best 4th ever.