Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yeah Right

If NASA wasn't already a joke, there is now this:

Which, no, this is not a brilliant marketing ploy fishing for names online... it really is from NASA. It is a direct link from this official page:

Now, some might wonder, is NASA for real? So, they are telling me they are collecting names of random people for no apparent reason, putting their names in some micro-chip, sending it to the moon, also for no apparent reason, and then giving out a certificate showcasing the name-owners support of the mission? Why?!

This is just egging me on. Someone over at NASA is just bored and wants to mess with me*. I couldn't ask for a more absurd "mission". (The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter -aka LRO- is the first mission in NASA's Vision for Space Exploration, a plan to return to the moon and then to travel to Mars and beyond.)

Not one person has given me any reason to believe that NASA is not just a front to launder tax money. You tell me what makes more sense:

A.) NASA takes millions upon millions of our tax dollars and really just fields the funds to things we actually need (yet Congress would never approve) like global security needs.


B.) NASA is hard at work, space exploring (with virtually no accountability) spending our monies on the following-

B1.) The National Air & Space Museum. A museum full of first grade science fair projects- really? This is supposed to convince me that NASA is real?

B2.) The botched fake moon landing. Really? I am glad they staged it. I hate Commies.

B3.) Remember the love triangle with the rocket scientists? They were working, yet had all the time on their hands to craft a web of soap opera lives to entertain the nation.

and now B4.) They are spending millions for a partnership with a university, to collect names and spend them to space to save the world!

If you like NASA's offering, you can also buy a star (which probably has already burned out, or is not even visible from earth) on various irreputible websites or on ebay. A star AND you can send your name in space.

*They are either messing with me, or they just think Americans are stupid. At which, I am pissed that they can't be more creative/intelligent with their cover stories.


Kaylyn said...

Come on Mary, you know you believe in NASA. In fact, I bet you really actually work for NASA...

Larren & Amberly said...

i dedicate my new post to you!

stephanie said...

i just added your name to the lunar reconnaissance orbiter. you're welcome. i'll send you the certificate later.

Jennifer said...

MARY... My long lost neighbor...

Don't even ask how I stumbled across your blog, but here I am, and here you are... So fun to have found you! Looks like things are going great. Where are you living these days? And how on earth do you know Kyle Huish?? I grew up across the street from him. Small, small world. (And yes, I did, in fact, just scroll through your entire blog, looking at pictures... :)

Anyway, hope life is great. And, you look AMAZING!

(You know, your mom of 03) :)