Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The World Wide Web Deserves It...

So there I was in the heart of Midtown Manhattan having one of the best days of my life; and it was said "This day is so great, I have to blog about it... in fact, so great that I have to start a blog to blog about it!" And here we are. I am blogging. It was a blessed Sunday in NYC that spilled over into Monday:

  • We woke up late on Sunday morning and brunched at Le Bonne Soupe. I don't even like french food, general breakfast items, or eggs (I mean, think about what an egg is- that is gross). So, knowing that, when I say the place has great quiche, it is exceptional.

  • Onto Tiffany's & Co. where we were treated like every other pedestrian jewelry buyer, Katie did add to her perverse collection of silver.

  • Stopping into church at St. Patricks Cathedral, we discovered (braving the bitter cold) catholic extremists singing hymns of praise while protesting the service. Come to find out they were pissed because their parish was shut down (most likely due to St. Patty's "stealing" their congregation). They handed us some paraphernalia detailing a timeline of events. It basically went like this "The Cardinal said we were going down. We got shut down". Now, that seems fair to me. It's a church eat church world out there.

  • We decided we wanted Frozen Hot Chocolate from Godiva. Of course, when we asked where the closest storefront was, it was just around the corner.

  • After our purchases, we went to go meet Wayne who was saving our spot in line at TKTS (now, before you hall monitors get upset, let me remind you that at TKTS you can buy as many tickets as you want, so it wouldn't have mattered if we got in line with Wayne or if he bought our tickets for us).

  • As we strolled down to TKTS laughing and sipping on our chocolate decadence Katie says "The only thing that could make this better is if we had our own parade". Moments later we hear a constant blow of horn. We see off a few blocks away that the police were coming out in full force... what? Is there a parade scheduled? NO. Kosovo had declared their independence from Serbia and the people took to the streets! An impromptu parade! Naturally, we joined in their joyous celebration and were accepted as one of them. Turns out, Katie and I both have dark hair, dark eyes, and fair olive skin... fit right in. Hundreds of refugees were frolicking about waving flags, thanking Americans for the support, dancing, cheering and feeling liberated. We (the collective Kovsovian masses) were on the news.

  • The tickets for the show we wanted were not being offered at TKTS... a sure sign they are sold out, but we figure everything else is going our way, why not check the box office at the Theater... Why not?

  • On our way to the theater, we are telling Wayne of our blessed day and he said "Is it as easy as that, say what you want and you get it?" Yes. He then said "I want to win a lottery". At this moment, Katie looks up into a storefront window and spots the NYC version of these collector mugs she happens to collect. We go inside the store and Wayne finds money just laying there on the ground. He won the lottery. There are many definitions of the word, but this one is fitting: An activity or event regarded as having an outcome depending on fate. (Now, before all you straight-arrows get upset, remember that there are thousands and thousands of people who had taken to the streets in celebration... would have been impossible to locate the rightful owner of the cash).

  • We made our way to the theater where Katie says "I would just be happy if they had two seats". We get to the front of the line and the man says "We have two seats left". But, they were obstructed view. No thanks. We did appreciate that the miracle was placed at our feet, but we did not wish to accept.

  • We took a cab, using Waynes lotto winnings, down to SoHo to spend the money we had saved for the show we rejected. On the cab ride down, Katie makes reservations for that evening at Becco; which of course they could fit our party of six in that evening. 9:15pm work? Why not.

  • Dinner was delicious. A long italian meal. We were seated in the corner table, directly under a full glass ceiling. We feasted on a symphony of home made breads, pastas, and desserts. We shut the place down, just shy of midnight- though Kim was so lost in the meal she questioned the hour to be close to 6:30am.

  • This also worth noting; I bought cute shoes from Cole Haan, we ate Sushi at Haru, and stopped by to by some cupcakes from Magnolia.

Now, can you top such a great day? Why not? We still had Monday. Now, at this point, our Sunday was very clean... but we knew that Monday wouldn't be. I call it "getting down and dirty in NYC".

  • Sarabeths. That is all that needs to be said.

  • Making our way to Canal street, Katie sees that there are perfume vendors. Her old standby spritzer of Gucci Rush 2 is no longer in production, but of course she finds it and buys it for a low price.

  • We then decide to walk up into the Village where Katie says "I just want to go across town to the Links store" and I follow up with "I just want to eat pizza in little Italy".

  • About three seconds later Katie looks up to see a Links store.

  • Then we are walking towards little Italy where there are hundreds of pizza joints, we round the corner and I see my favorite one. Of course.

  • After eating the best Vodka Pizza in the City, we stop a passerby to ask her where we can get some gelato(mind you, we are in Little Italy, the place is riddled with little deli's selling gelato). She explains that we need to venture to the Lower East Side, where there is the best gelato in all of America. No, really, it is... not according to my standards, but according to everyone else too. Google it.

Now, this entry read like a travel-log, because, well, it is.

  • Oh yeah, I won an oscar at the Techie Awards taped before this Sundays live show:


Ben said...


I feel privileged to make the first comment on your first blog posting. I agree that there could hardly be a more eventful and serendipitous trip than this past weekend - certainly a worthy event for starting a blog.


Anonymous said...


Peter said...

Well done McMary. Looks like you had a really fun time.

Julie said...

Welcome to the Blog-o-Rama! I am so pleased to be the first to comment on this momentous day in all of our lives!

Katie said...

I am so glad that you blogged about this trip. Every bit of what was said was true. New York loved us back. I know that it has been said that Disneyland is the most magical place on earth, well let it now be said that New York with Mary is the most blessed place on earth.

Mandy Lin said...

I knew this day would come. I knew it when we split up for President's Day. I guess I was just not prepared. I know that you have told me over and over again that you making a blog does not mean that we have "relationship problems", but it just feels that way.

However, I must say that I very much appreciated this blog posting. Everything will be great in 08 and this day proved it. Remember that we live charmed lives.

I hope to read more from the mind of Mary McMullen very soon!!!

Andrea said...

I knew you couldn't resist the lure of blogging too much longer- it's another avenue to let people adore you. And I do adore you. But you know that already.

Tagg said...

My life is now complete. And that is one of the cutest pictures ever with you and the Oscar. Classic.

Mrs. Erica Gihring who is now Jensen said...


I feel like I was there, which I have mixed feelings about because I wasn't...

I miss you!!
AOT- 1539

Mer Swift said...

I can't even believe this day has come. I'm thrilled!

Is that the banana pudding from Magnolia you are eating?

That gelato looks SO good! I'm incredibly jealous.

Mary Jane said...

I love it, Mare. I'm so excited to have this in-depth peek into your brilliant life.

Devin said...

Mary I am thrilled to see you have a blog now! Looks like you had a great trip to NYC

Bethany said...

Woot. I am excited you are blogging because that seems to be how everyone is keeping in touch nowadays.

I am so jealous of your NY trip and it sounds like you had such a great time! I love NY so much and want to go back for another visit too..and to D.C. of course.

I once saw Aida in NY in "obstructed view" seats and they were totally worth it because the tickets were only $27 and the obstruction was so very minor we hardly noticed.

I'm linking you from my blog now, so I hope that's ok.


Amy J. said...

even though none of this happened to me, I totally feel like i just had the best day ever.

you're a natural blogger, mary ann mcmullen, a natural.

D.C. said...

People with blogs are lame. That being said, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to NYC. I too was in the Village on Monday, didn't see you there...

Jenny said...

Can we join forces one of these weekend? It could be spectacular.

Jennifer Fox said...

You were born to blog. I'm loving it.

Hayley's Comment said...

Is that banana pudding from Magnolia? OMGOSH it is isn't it! So jealous! Send me some in Seattle!