Thursday, February 21, 2008

Calm Down... I have more to say.

First of all, the namesake of this blog is not the dictate of this blog; I will be blogging of things not related to NYC. Like right now.

That disclaimer is due to a few people crying about my blog name... of those people is Dan Clark. (You heard me, I just called you out on my blog. ) Anyway, his blog is called DC Motoring . The title pays homage to his name, where he lives, his car obsession, blah, blah, blah. So, yes, a bit more complex then mine. Whateves.

But, that got me thinking about how much I love my car. My blog password may, or may not be "saving-up-for-some-sick-spinners-and-maybe-new-neon-lights-to-put-beneath-the-undercarriage". I bought my car used, and am fairly certain the previous owner was a Latin male in his teens. Yes, it's that tight. After a fresh morning dew, when the sun hits the ultra-tinted back window just right, you can faintly make out the outline of where decals used to spell "MagaƱa" in old english script. (Shout out to Frank). Here is a stock photo (of the car, not Frank):

So, as I briefly thought of my unique car*, I remembered a journal entry from a few years back that I had penned. Quick Backstory: upon my arrival to the area, I had no car and a job working for The Man in the District. Which meant, I got to ride the Metro. Which also meant I had the treat of taking a bus to/from the nearest Metro stop... Here is a snippet of that journal entry, dated 6/26/06:

"I was sitting on the public bus and as the rumpled people began to board, I was dreading who might plop down next to me; would it be the old cigar ridden man, the uncomfortable spinster with cat hair all over her, or the kid trying to get home from school? I always disliked it least when it ended up being the kid. Best of all though, was when no one sat by me. When I was that kid, it was the worst thing ever to be on the bus and not have anyone to sit next to. It was an out right sign that I was a loser. Now, just the mere fact that I am car less and am taking the bus makes me that loser, so what’s it matter if someone sits next to me or not? Well, I will tell you why it matters: I like to get to my destination unchanged. That means I don’t want to smell like I’ve just smoked a few Cubans, I don’t want tiny pieces of Fluffy all over my clothes, I don’t want to catch the bubonic plague, and most of all, I don’t want to remember what it was like to be that kid."


*Brad Rodgers, has the exact same car as I have (there are slight cosmetic differences). I would like to issue a public challenge to him: Race on the GW Parkway on the way home from church. This Sunday. Since the cars are identical under the hood, it will show which of us has more guts. Bring it, Brad. Bring it.

P.S. Since I have been name dropping (like it's hot)... here is one more: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEREK JAMISON!


Mandy Lin said...

Derek said...

Thanks Mary! =)

Di said...

So glad you have a blog now... I love it!

D.C. said...

I have responded appropriately at DC Motoring. ZT for calling out other blogs.

I'm glad you were able to buy Frank's car. The Corolla is ghetto fabulous and I would expect nothing less of you, McMary. I particularly like the dark tinted windows and the matching window guards.

Mrs. Erica Gihring who is now Jensen said...

I would like to give a shout out to the beast, the white not so reliable I believe it was a Pontiac? Cruella's BFF...

We can't forget where we came from.