Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Christmas Gift Guide 2015

Buy yourself something. Buy the people you love some things.

Here are some gifts to consider.  

Even the heartless still love summer, cute animals, and ice cream...

This print ($30) is for them: a child, a bathroom, a kitchen, a puppy room (you don't have a puppy room in your house?)...


Did we land on the moon? Probably not. Should your cold beverage land on the wooden table? Probably not. $38 set of four leather coasters, choice of colors. 

Moon Leather Coasters


Is soap on a rope still a thing? It is. 

For $15 you can give it to any man. They will laugh and then you know they will use it.


Keeping in theme with keeping things clean and dry, I was introduced to Turkish Towels this summer. The brilliance is they are thin (compact & pack-able), they dry super fast, and sand doesn't get all in the terry knit. Good for the beach, the sticky southern humid bathrooms, and vacation.

$11 to $25 depending on size and color. Amazon offers a million different color choices.


A $23 book of cool things. 


Speaking of rarely seen things, have you ever seen someone totally cool with their phone being at like a 1% or even a 9% charge. Complete panic sets in. I was with my cool friend Louise in Texas last winter and she whipped out a portable charge like everything was easy. 


This stamp can be YOUR FACE or someone else's face. I almost never want to sign my name to anything ever again. Stamp me, please. 


$90 and a two week turn around time is required.

[Hat tip to my housemate Kirstin for telling me about this life changing gift idea.]


I hope you have lots of moms, sisters, daughters, and self's to buy for because here is another female-leaning gift. 
Street Level Reversible Faux Leather Tote & Wristlet
It is reversible! It is faux leather. It is pretty. It is functional.  It is only $48 (& free shipping!). It comes in like 8 different colors from metallic to classics. 


I was conditioned  to think of this... Every time I am in nature, I want to reach or ask for the 'nocs... and no one ever has any. 

I know nothing of quality of binoculars, but I know Costco has the best buyers. So for a slight splurge of $150 an outdoor enthusiast can get something they wanted, or didn't know they wanted. 


And, as much as I am no outdoor enthusiast, I am a kitchen enthusiast. For any type of foodie (baker, griller, etc) you are bound to find a spice gift at Penzeys they will want. Bonus: spices take a while to expire, and they instantly inspire. 


Depending on the pack, $15 to over $100. Bonus idea: you can totally DIY with this to save money, I wouldnt recommend a grocery brand, but you can easily find some "high end" spices to put together in a cute gift box. 


Do I go to the movies enough to justify spending $40ish a month for a movie pass? I would if I had one. 

Go to the website to verify it is in the area. You can give a 3 month ($125), 6 month ($225), or 12 month ($400) membership. 


And last, but NOT least. Make some caramel sauce, jar it, and give it:


Jessica Tingey Hansen said...

The 'Bams have 'nocs. Love the list!

Michelle said...

Yes! I've been waiting for this list!!

Michelle said...

Also, in recent years my dad has shown his age and become a birder. You better believe he has a good pair of 'nova with him at all times. Even a special pair he keeps in his truck because his job requires a lot of travel ( which he frequently ditches in order to use said 'nocs).

Michelle said...

*'nocs. Not nova