Thursday, July 21, 2011

I've Been Poisoned... oak.

I noticed a weird set of hives on the top of my hand Sunday, but wasn't alarmed. Monday they were still there. Tuesday they were throwing a party. I went to the pharmacist who told me to get some benadryl spray. I did. Tonight (thursday) the "rash" was showing no signs of retreat.

Convinced I was a leper, I called home. Dr. Mom didn't seem alarmed. I finally had to email a picture of the situation, only to find out from my woodland father that I have POISON OAK.

omg. freak out. not me.

I will spare you all photos. Just know it's not contagious.

I had to do something drastic, so I immediately went online and bought a dress... then I used my wits and attacked the rash with some lactic/salicylic gel and a vitamin C/peptide resurfacing crystal regimen, if it is gone by morning I will be marketing that peel to wealthy hunters as there is no cure for poison oak; it takes up to two weeks to heal. TWO WEEKS.


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Kat said...

Did it heal overnight? Sad for your rash but totally worth it if it makes you a millionaire right? Maybe you should market it to rich men (even if it doesn't work) and hook in a millionaire that way? Either way this could be a good thing :)