Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two Lists: Summer and Summer

Summer 2011: Two Lists, One Summer.

List #1- What I am declaring as the next big thing and What's OUT/dead/boring me
  • Home made Popsicles v. home made ice cream
  • Designer Jello Desserts (not kidding) v. Cupcakes
  • Twitter v. Face book (WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?)
  • All sorts of weird and wonderful co-ops v. uninspirational farmers Markets
  • Enjoying the movies v. thought-provoking, deep movies
  • Casual Parisian Cafes (preferably with outside tables & exceptional service) v. Food trucks

And a bonus list tonight, because we are taking to the beach this Friday...

List #2: Beach Bag Essentials!
  • Sunscreen, duh.
  • Aloe lotion, duh.
  • Blistex Medicated, duh.
  • Flip flops.
  • Extra pair of sunglasses.
  • Portable ipod speakers. Some people like to read. I like to jam out.
  • Quarters (about $10 worth). Either to pay for the sno-cone or the parking meter. Beach culture is a cash culture.
  • Baby wipes. They are great to wash the salt water & sand mixture right off. Or the sticky Popsicle residue (see list #1).
  • Plastic bags. Great to have for wet suits, sea shell collections, trash, or to protect your phone from the sand & waves.


Jessica said...

that picture is so trashy, just like the crowd at that beach and that sweatshirt I'm wearing. so wrong and so right

Peter said...

We might have been a little ambitious that day. I remember it still being quite cold. I'm excited for the beach today.

Stephanie said...

I only disagree with one point: the French will never have good customer service.

Other than that, Hello Summer. Let's roll.

Louise said...

I own and use a gourmet popsicle maker and recipe book. I pick up my co-op basket on Wednesdays. I have not and probably will not see that one DiCaprio movie about dreams. I tweet on the daily. And all that other stuff...I was never really into it anyway. So I guess what you're saying is I'm the next big thing. I get it.

Anonymous said...


I will shed tears of joy when the cupcake fad finally goes the way of the dinosaurs.

Louise, congratulations on being the whitest person you can be!