Thursday, June 10, 2010

What say you?

(this photo is an accurate depiction of me giving up)

My, my, my. It has been over a month since my last post. Sorry kids, momma has been busy.

The good news is Summer has arrived. Oh sweet Lady Gaga, finally.

Anyway, maybe its the recent discovery of Summerland that has made me totally apathetic. Maybe I have been filtering all my creative genius into other projects. Maybe it is ... who cares. The point is this; I have a little gift for you readers.... read on.

What do you want me to blog about? That's right, you tell me. Suggest something in the comment section. If I want to, I might write about it.

Even if you think I might not know anything about it, or I don't care about it. I continually shock myself with the things I get fired up about and I am equally as shocked about the things I am the authority on. Sometimes someone will bring up a subject that I am newly introduced to, and you know what? That's right, I am all of the sudden an expert on whatever that topic maybe.



Ashley C said...

You once told me that upon completion of your Mary's Guide to New York post, you would follow up with a "New York's Guide to Mary" post. I wait with bated breath.

Michelle said...

We all love you for your famousness, but many of us wonder, HOW DOES SHE REALLY LIVE?! I'd like to follow you through a day in the life of being Mary. Your ups, your downs, your know...REALITY.

Mary said...

i like these suggestions, and ironically, i have been giving like 10 in-person suggestions. people are too cool to blog comment. anyway, on cue:
-my beiber fever broke
-i love messing with steve jobs
-summer parties

Kaylyn said...

Really I am not sure why you aren't just posting about me. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see you post the story of the sleeping bag in the dried riverbed at the deer club.....

Adriana said...

I would like you to tell the details about how you died, but are still blogging...

Hil said...

obviously I agree with Kaylyn. However, why are you not posting about both of us?
I have some other suggestions:
-Short shorts
-Booty Skirts
-high school relationships
-your mom
-the toilet
you know, the stuff that is on all of our minds!