Monday, January 25, 2010

Not on My Watch

Sitting in my living room I hear a scuffle outside, look out the window to find middle-aged men fist fighting on my front lawn. They picked the wrong front yard.

I walk outside. Give them a disapproving look.

They leave. Peace.

10 minuets later local police have collected them and gotten them all back together to pow-wow about what happened... they begin shouting.

I walk back out side, as they are all loudly discussing their dispute in the street in font of my house with the cop. (10:55pm) I say in a condescending motherly tone, "Gentlemen!". They quiet down and I walk back inside.

*Note: I didn't notice the cop was there until after I hushed them, but still, he had to go find these dudes and when he did, what did he expect? For them to rationally talk about their feelings? He too was at fault. He deserved the "gentlemen" just as much as they did.

In conclusion lets review:

What I did:
-I successfully got them to stop fighting
-I successfully got them to leave
-I successfully shut them up

What the police did:
-they got angry, possibly drunken men who clearly want to fight each other, back together
-they got them yelling

P.S. Don't worry Mom, I was more annoyed then I was in any sort of danger.


Melissa Devine said...

And this is why you are awesome, Mary. :)

Michelle said...

Can you come over to my house and "police" for me too?

Ashley Custer said...

New Development! On the way home for lunch today I discovered a battered box-cutter on our walk. This clearly was no ordinary fistfight. Mary, you saved our lawn from aggravated assault and possible bloodletting. Now that it's out of the hands of potential criminals, I'm keeping the cutter by the front door...just in case.

Anonymous said...

Mary, Mary, Mary... sometimes I wonder about you!! What were you thinking... those thugs could have shot you. The police could have shot you too! As for the battered box cutter... get rid of it,the thugs might come back looking for it. Love, Momma_jo