Sunday, November 9, 2008


I really like the Fall; particularly October. Here is why: It is after summer, so people have just had the time of their lives and are in general content. It also is far enough into the new school year (or fiscal year for those in real jobs) that everyone is feeling comfortable and in the groove of things. But, the holidays aren't upon us yet... the end of the semester/calendar year is far enough away that that junk it isn't on the mind... so there is the absence of the hustle and bustle of the busy season and the holidays. And the weather! Crisp air, crisp apples, crisp leaves. Perfect. 

I like it as much as I like the color red... and that is a lot. Here is a list of colors I like, and the order in which I like them:
1. Red
2. (intentionally left blank)
109. Black
110. Purple
209. All other colors- they all tie for two-hundred and ninth place.

The point is I like red that much more then all the others. Same with Fall.

Another thing about Fall is that I always have high expectations, and they are always met. This Fall being no exception. Oh, and one more thing... I happen to like creepy things. NOT creepy people, that would make me a creepy person, and I just said I don't like creepy people. I do like creepy things. They add excitement, intrigue. Fall is full of creepy things. 

I will now give the people what they want: a picture essay detailing my Fall highlights.

After a hunted house- but before the mountain coaster. Waited in line for an hour, and guess what? Totally worth it. 
(Dani, Jen, Dave, Me, Kim, Travis, Carolyn)

Turns out McMullen's are a big deal in Cumberland, MD. We own the whole town. 

We found the Headquarters of History! 
(Travis, Kim, Me, Dave)

Halloween Night @ my Spooky Soiree 
(Me, Jonathan)

Halloween Night @ the pre-party dinner party 
(Me, Katie, Steph)

Buggy on the road in Amish Country, PA

Maple Leaves @ Shady Maple 
(Spencer, Brian, Sarah, Jim, Me, Ashlee)

Bonnet wearing fools @ Kitchen Kettle
 (Me, Ashlee)


Mer Swift said...

I feel the same way about the color red. And black is next in line for me too, but it may come up further on the list than 200 and whatever. I'm glad we share favorite colors, Mare.

I cannot even tell you how excited I am to be back in the east. Unfortunately, I've missed the beautiful fall, and will be arriving for the snow.

Erica hearts Eric said...

One more reason why October could be your favorite month... the month that I was born!!

I love October as much as I love January...


Anonymous said...

I loved this blog... it made me remember when I was much like you... smart,fun-loving and beautiful! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I love you

Michelle said...

I love fall too! NEwly sharpened pencils...
Hey, you're a traveler. Next time you travel this way we need someone to set up a descension reunion. Are you up for it?

Bethany said...

Yeah, but missing from your October schedule this year was a visit to sad.