Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Don't speak in absolutes. Ever.

On today the headline was "Feds low rate doesn't save stocks". Oh, really? That's funny- it's only been one day. Language like that is what causes hysteria. Stop it. 

It's not that there are no absolutes in our lives; sure there are. But when you start speaking in absolutes it creates this false sense that there are no other outcomes...  Irrational teens often use this kind of language, "You never let me play outside" or "Everyone hates me". Sure, not everyone hates that kid. Just Johnny down the street hates that kid (it's just because that kid isn't allowed to play outside with him; otherwise they would be best friends. ) With kids, this language is excusable since their scope of time is so narrow and they have a limited breadth of experience to prove them wrong. 

Now in times of despair everyone is speaking in these down-trodden statements (see what I did there- I was kidding- not everyone is speaking with absolutes- that is ridiculous- but I made you think that everyone was and that possibly you too were to blame). 

It is especially annoying when people believe these absurd absolutes. So, to you I say: stop it. 

*credit to Geof Lory for some of these ideas, he always gets me thinking ;)

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